Some energizing tips for you world-changers out there: 10 Resolutions for Social Entrepreneurs in 2013

1. Talk to your users.

2. Look upstream.“If you can solve the problem that’s causing the problem, you’ll be two steps ahead.”

3. Evaluate. Get feedback. 

4. Commit to impact, not the project. “You need to focus on the impact of your work… do what you must to serve the greater good.”

5. Embed and Affiliate. “The most successful among us embrace our connections to complementary ventures.”

6. Take care of yourself. 

7. Connect to where you live.

8. Volunteer. ”…your commitment to others will connect you to the world in surprising ways.”

9. Take a risk. ”Walk into the unknown and trust that the pathway will appear. You never know unless you try.”

10. Invent something. ”The world moves ahead when people create new things.”

Here are some of the social entrepreneurs that Fast Company is talking about:

  • Blake Mycoskie, CEO of Tom’s Shoes, the shoe brand famous for its one-for-one business model that gives away a pair of shoes for each pair purchased. 
  • Kjerstin Erickson, founder of FORGE, a non-profit that encourages entrepreneurship among African refugees. 
  • Don Harris, founder of the Nehemiah Corporation, a non-profit that provides down-payment assistance to new potential home owners. 
  • Ben Lyon, founder of micro-financing non-profit FrontlineSMS:Credit
  • Nancy Carstedt, Executive Director of the Chicago Children’s Choir 

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Use the hash tag to #SocEnt2013 to add your own social entrepreneurship resolutions for 2013.

[Image: Lights by Shuttershock][Posted by M. Cecelia Bittner}